QUEERSEUM is a collective of activists, artists and queer educators. We led a grassroots community campaign for the creation of a QUEER MUSEUM in 2016, agitating the conversation of the importance of queer histories and strengthening the call for a permanent home in the anniversary year of The Sexual Offences Act 1967.

We have popped up in institutions and queered spaces and now have a creative residency in collaboration The Museum of Homelessness in the UK’s 1st Homeless Shelter & Community Centre in London’s oldest Fire station in Clerkenwell establishing a temporary museum space hosted by The Outside Project.

Queerseum is a grass roots initiative founded on a community spirit with no funding or income. With no formal organisational structure, Founded & coordinated by : Damien Arness Dalton, Joint Founders Andrew Lumsden, Stuart Feather, Sayen Scantleberry, Dan Glass, Christopher Harvey, Salma Staff & Volunteers from the community. Thank you to those who have given up their time, energy and created opportunities for our work to be Platformed.

Interventions and pop ups:

2016 - Activist Action: Queer Tours of London, Pink Filling Cabinets across London

2017 - Tate Britain: Queer & Now Festival , Queer Museum Installation ( Queerseum ) / Community Speakers

2017 - Being Human Festival: Queer Museum Residency, workshops & Lesbian Panel Discussion at Senate House / University of London

2017 - Science Museum: Sexuality Lates , Queer Museum Planning Permission pop up / community consultation

2018 - Exhibition: Platform Gallery, Andrew Lumsden / 50yrs of Art & Gay Liberation Front

2018 - Tate Britain: Queer & Now Festival, What does a Queer Museum look like? Panel Discussion chaired by EJ Scott Museum of Transology

2018 - George Michael Freedom Party: Hampstead Heath / Queer Tours of London / The Outside Project

2018 - Science Museum: Sexuality Lates: Pride in London Official Launch: Queerseum Pop Up History of Pride with The Gay Liberation Front

2018 - Outsider Pride, Collaboration Workshops with Queer Flags, research at Bishopsgate Institute, Community Engagement, Pride in London March with Lesbian & Gays Support The Migrants, Streets Kitchen, African Rainbow Family, Re-open Black Cap, Friends of The Joiners Arms

2018 - Edgy the 16th LGBT+ Archives & Libraries Conference: London Metropolitan Archives: Presenting / Outsider Histories

2019 - Goldsmiths 2nd Annual Queer History Fair

2019 - Queer Museum Challenges: LGBT+ History Club Presentation / Workshop / London Metropolitan Archives

2019 - Curating Protest Memory Workshop: Kings College London / Future Directions of the Activist Museum Panel Discussion & Queerseum Presentation

2019 - Exhibition: Platform Gallery, Bloolips & Radical Drag

2019 - Community Queer Museum - creative residency in The UK’s 1st LGBT+ Homeless Shelter & Community Centre





“Our vision is to strengthen our community through knowledge and empowerment, creating positive links to our history to shape better futures”

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